Don't drive dirty

Mobile Car Detailing

Mobile Car Detailing

Don't Drive Dirty

At Home Car Detailing

Book a detail and we’ll come straight to your driveway. All we need is access to water & electricity.

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Get Professional Car Detailing Done Right at Your Home with BClean Mobile Detailing. Our services include complete detailing, washing, waxing, vacuuming and disinfection with advanced protection to keep your car, truck, van or SUV looking its best for longer.

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We guide you through our Car Detailing Process step by step, working on a Corvette. The difference in its appearance before and after our work is night and day

Car Wash vs. BClean

Our expert detailers provide a hand wash and wax that goes far beyond a typical tunnel wash. Our in–depth clean removes dirt, stains, and scratches that may have built up over time. The result? A sparkling clean car that looks its absolute best.

Tunnel Wash
Our Hand Wash
Carbon Footprint
❌ Up to 50 gallons of water per wash
✔️ Only 5 gallons of water per wash
Ease of Use
❌ Customers have to drive and wait
✔️ We come to your Home or Office
❌ Average service and bad quality work
✔️ 5-Star Service and 100% Satisfaction
❌ Uses cheap chemicals bought in bulk
✔️ Locally sourced high quality products
Interior Clean
❌ No work performed on car's interior
✔️ Complete interior service + shampoo
Exterior Clean
❌ Scratches and swirls all over vehicle
✔️ Like New, Showroom quality finish

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At Home Service
We bring the car detailing to your home or office
At Home Service
Have any questions? Call us for assistance 778-251-9985

Welcome to BClean Wash, Vancouver’s premier mobile car detailing service!

Are you exhausted from dedicating your weekends to washing and detailing your car? Say goodbye to the hassle! Our expert team offers convenient mobile car detailing services in Vancouver, delivering a thorough clean and rejuvenation for your vehicle at your doorstep.

We offer a range of packages to suit your needs

This includes a Full Detail Package (inside and out), an Interior Detail Package, and an Exterior Detail Package. Our services are the most thorough and complete in Vancouver BC, surpassing expectations to leave your vehicle impeccably clean. Additionally, we provide monthly car detailing packages for ongoing maintenance.

But don’t just take our word for it – check out our before-and-after photos or read through our customer testimonials to see the amazing results for yourself.

Convenient and hassle-free

For busy individuals seeking top-notch car care, our mobile detailing services offer the ideal solution. With just a phone call, entrust us to maintain your car's pristine appearance while accommodating your busy schedule.

Ready to schedule your detailing appointment? Contact BClean Wash today!

Ready to pamper your car like royalty? Schedule your appointment today to discover the difference first-hand. Our team is eager to assist you, whether you have questions or are ready to get started. We're committed to helping you maintain your car's optimal appearance, offering flexible scheduling to suit your lifestyle.
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Experienced Auto Detailers in Vancouver

In Vancouver, BC, our dedicated team of car detailing technicians is committed to staying ahead of the curve. Through ongoing training and exploration of emerging techniques, we ensure that our services remain at the forefront of industry standards.

Vancouver Exterior Cleaning & Auto Detailing

Taking car detailing to the next level, our services go beyond a mere quick clean. We provide a thorough hand wash and dry, meticulous cleaning and shining of rims and tires, and top it off with a coat of premium wax or paint sealant. The result? Your vehicle brights like new.

Interior Cleaning  

Elevating your car detailing experience in Vancouver, BC, our meticulous process goes beyond a basic clean. We offer a comprehensive hand wash and dry, meticulous attention to cleaning and shining your rims and tires, and apply a premium coat of wax or paint sealant. The result? Your vehicle gleams with a renewed look.

Superior Auto Detailing, Headlight Restoration, Engine Bay Cleaning, Stain & Mould Removal, Polish, Wax

Welcome to BClean, your go-to destination for premium car detailing services in Vancouver, BC. Our dedicated team specializes in delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations. From headlight restoration to engine bay cleaning, stain and mould removal, and polish wax treatments, BClean offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure your vehicle looks its best.

With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality, trust BClean to rejuvenate your car's appearance and maintain its pristine condition. Experience the BClean difference today and discover why we're Vancouver's top choice for car detailing.

Car Detailing At Home

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How can I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment anytime by phone or online. For the fastest response time you can call or text 778-251-9985 Monday to Sunday anytime from 8 AM to 6 PM. You can also easily book online by clicking here.

Can you detail my car at my home, office or appartment?

Yes, we can! All we need is access to electricity and water. We carry 30 meter hoses and 60 meter extension cords for water and electricity so it's easy for us to access power and water at your location.

How long does car detailing usually take?

Each detail takes a different amount of time depending on the size and dirtyness of the vehicle. On average it takes 2-3 hours for an Exterior Detail job. It takes 2-4 hours for an Interior Detail job, and it takes 3-5 hours for a Full Detail job. Call us for a better idea of time.

How long will the detail last?

BClean prides ourselves on how long we can keep your car clean even after we are done detailing. We generously apply various paint, window, and plastic sealants and protectants all over your car to keep it shining and protected for longer. We like to give our customers a lot of value for their money and making the detailed job last a long time is our priority.

What if it is raining?

Rain is typical in Vancouver so we come prepared for any weather! Our mobile units are equipped with canopies to handle any weather. Because the canopy needs some space to set up, there will have to be at least 2 meters of clearance around the vehicle. If it’s raining hard and the wind is above 35 Km per hour we may need to postpone our appointment.

What's included in an Interior Detail?

Full Wipe Down, Double Vacuum Interior, Clean all Windows, Clean & Protect Plastic, Upholstery clean, and extraction, Leather Treatment, Minor Pet Hair Removal, Minor Carpet Stain Removal, Detail Floor Mats, Detail Trunk, Air Freshener Treatment. Service takes Approximately time 2+ hours.

What's included in an Exterior Detail?

Professional hand wash, clay bar vehicle, bug and tar removal, detail rim faces and tires, dress and shine tires, dress all exterior plastic, clean wheel wells, minor sap removal, ceramic spray coating, touch-up spot polish.